'Mobiles, landlines, tin cans with bits of string - everything, absolutely everything!';

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Wow. What fun.

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Anyway, rant over, now it's time to have a shower, get dressed and do some BLOODY MATHS REVISION... *sighs* Wow, today's not a very good day for me... or you, for that matter D: 

I need to go do some Torchwood watching revision to cheer myself up :C

Fic: [Torchwood] Regression and Regrets

Bah, sorry, I couldn't help it. I got really bored, wanted to do something for my own fic, and then I wanted to do a Torchwood fic, and... well, they sort of merged. So, Vanessa and Jake are two of my creations, and Ianto's... obviously RTD's and Jack's :) Enjoy!

Title: Regression and Regrets
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: PG
Characters: Ianto Jones, Gwen Cooper (briefly), Owen Harper (briefly), Toshiko Sato (briefly), Captain Jack Harkness (briefly), OC: Vanessa Carlton
Summary: When an old friend comes to town to visit Ianto, old memories and new feelings are brought to light, and Ianto's past is discovered to have been even more painful than has already been discovered. Relationships are put to the test as everything comes to a head and Ianto is made to choose between love or friendship.

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Gareth-David Lloyd Interview

I can't help but love this video- it's rather long because Gareth, bless his heart, says 'um' a lot. I think that's what makes him extra cute :D

Hobbies- come on Gareth, you silly banana, it's only mentioned in one episode!

'Did you know back then that it wouldn't be the last kiss?'

'Ummmm... yes.'

Thank Christ he's not gay in real life *dies* I swear, if he was another John Barrowman (gorgeous but out of bounds) I may have to have killed him! Plus, he has an earing- I would kill for a guy with an earing!

Lol, Gareth means that Ianto is a control-freak and he has OCD. Yes :D Oooh, he's my sort of man ;D

... the interview's 8-minutes long. Stupid reporter guy, leave him alone DDDD<

If John Barrowman doesn't do another series- I am not watching him in anything again. I don't watch it for the Janto (I'm not a mega-fan) but I want the sexiness of Gareth on my tellybox again ;^;

'Jack's loyal soldier'- that is the cutest thing I've heard in ages! That his new name now :3

'Pump the Jam, Pump it up, why your feet are jumpin'';

It's not even a real song and it's stuck in my head.

Look who arrived yesterday:

My dad had ordered him again from Character Options, and I didn't even know! I'm well happy with him <3 Doesn't look a thing LIKE Connor, but he's still mega-cute! :D

Right, I may just die of happiness now- THE BILL D: Oh God, that was so good, that two-parter, with Stuart. I seriously thought he was going to get HIV- bless his heart. I bet no one knows what I'm talking about, but still. I actually nearly cried on Wednesday night when he got stabbed by that needle full of cocaine, and was all nearly-crying and shouting to Stevie to get it out. Then, in the hospital, with Jack, saying about his mum, and 'I want to go quickly, now'. No, no Stuart, I don't want you to die D: And then he came back to work and he looked seriously worse for ware, everyone was like ':O STUART, YOU'RE BACK!' Oh, but thank CHRIST that needle wasn't used, I fear I may have died a little inside- Stuart's my favourite character ;-;

Right, now I'm addicted to this band, Blue Gillespie, they are brilliant, and you can so tell that it's Gareth-David Lloyd singing, and he has such a good voice D: I want the rest of the album now, I only got to download two songs. They're kind of blues/a bit of rock/a bit of emo- well, of course, with me and Gareth, he's just emo all 'round... 'cept when he's rapping... or when he's talking about snogging John Barrowman and all his mates in the pub- that was cute <3

I wonder if he's on MySpace... I know Doug Rao is... *strokes chin* Ah, that reminds me, I need to friend him..!

Oooh no, last episode of Torchwood tonight ;-; I don't want it to end, and I'm not sure whether I want DW to start. NO!

Writer's Block: Neurotic Behavior

What is the one thing you're most neurotic about?
 Well, most things, I think I MUST have a mild case of OCD or something. I can't have my DVDs not in series order, I can't sleep. I like my figures (okay, I only have three... but I will have more soon!) side by side in lines. With my little Pokemon figures, I have an M&M Chewie in the middle, and there has to be the same number of Pokemon figures on either side of him, in a straight line. Everything in my room is in straight lines. I can't sleep if they're not. Also, with my posters, they have to be straight too. If I see that one's not straight, I can't sleep then either! Ooooh, I'm so neurotic ;-;

'...And some coleslaw, my boss tells me I don't eat enough vegetables';

I'm gettting rather annoyed. The news is, people, I officially cannot draw Ianto. 
Spent an hour and a half trying to draw him last night, and it didn't work. Ended up drawing Yukimaru from Disgaea- that's really NOT Ianto, and not helping.

I want to smudgey-paint that scene from Fragments with Ianto handing Jack coffee outside the front of Torchwood- oh, no, I'm not obsessed- of course.

Although, saying all of this, I'm dying to see how RTD ends this series, if Ianto dies, I'm really not watching Torchwood anymore. I also wanna know how he starts this series of Doctor Who- so fitting, Toichwood ends, DW begins. Cute!

The Peggster, I believe, is now buddies with Ten-inch. They're really sweet together, I mean... really sweet. Like Connor and Abby or Bernard and Fran: really cute :) I love the Peggster, and I really want to know what he's doing next- I'd love to see another film with him and Dylan together, he's not doing that much either. Right, that's decided; a film with Dylan Moran, Simon Pegg(ster) and Gareth-David Lloyd. Well, he has to have something to do when he's not doing Torchwood, right?

:B Gareth has a cute lil' nose, and really striking eyes. I want his eyes, dammit.

Wow, that was weird.

A2A's finished, Torchwood's finished, The Bill's not got that child... rape thing anymore (HEY, it was a good/sad story! With Terry and his past, and Max being all 'BUT I WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S UP WITH TERRY AND THIS CASE!') and now Primeval's gone- all the good telly's just disappeared. Plus, I'm starting to get a bit... iffy... with Doctor Who. I don't know why, I'm the only person in the universe who's looking forward to Catherine Tate coming back into it- I love Catherine Tate- maybe this 'Cyberwoman' watching has given me a desire for Ianto, not The Doctor? 


I just don't like it. I know, kill me now, but I don't *is brick'd*