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*fish mouth*;

Right, that's it... I'M NOT BEING AN ADMIN ANYMORE. I QUIT *throws hat down and stamps on it*

First, The Hub is pretty much DEAD. Our Jack's dead, and everyone else has buggered off. The Condor's probably going to die seeing as half of our role players have said 'hi' once and that's IT. PLUS no one wants to join my friggin BIG BANG THEORY FORUM *cries* I worked EXTRA hard on that one because I am such a big BBT fan... and everyone's said they'd join and then fucked off *groans* I give up...

In other news, did a science GCSE module today, and I'm hoping that it still retains my A grade... I don't want to go down to a B and feel stupid!

Also, there's a great site called and it has all the BBT shirts that the guys wore- Leonard had this great Periodic Table shirt in the episode where he buys the 'minature' time machine, and I'm getting it! Me and my mate Emily decided that we will live together later on in life and buy their friggin shower curtain. That is one of the coolest things in the world, the Periodic Table Shower Curtain! Plus, on the t-shirt side of things, I want to go in on tag day (oh, wait, they've all been cancelled...) and I want everyone to point :D I'm such a geek!

And on another note, I hurt my Nunchuck thumb in between two tables yesterday and it got brusied. Now I can't hold a Nunchuck properly and I am pissed- I mean seriously. I can't operate on people anymore, I tried this morning whilst drying my hair (study leave for the module :D) and I ended up getting to the third patient and then killing him. But, some things never change.

I need TBBT on DVD... apparently I may be able to buy it from America when it comes out- but apparently that's 'late 2008'. WTF?! I want it now. I hate it when people release DVDs after the fade has DIED >C Although, they're bringing out another series- horrah! Oh, I'm really pissed off with myself, I clicked on someone's detailed description of the last epsiode by accident and read 'Leonard asks Penny out on a date and she said yes' so I was like 'Great, that's the ENTIRE fucking series fucked up for me' but then, yesterday was Sophie's birthday and I went home with her. She had music, so I went on the internet (found :)) and looked on Wikipedia because... I wanted to and I was bored... and then I just HAD to go and read the last episode description. Although, I'm not the only one, apparently Emily accidentally watched the Penny/Leonard kiss *grins* THEY'RE SO CUTE- and I normally hate canon pairings (and main characters for that matter!) 

Leonard = LenLen- it's just even cuter.
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