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Writer's Block: House Call

Whose house (besides your own) were you in last and why?
In about 1 hour and 10 minutes, the last house I will have visited will be Sophie, to talk about our FUCKING PARTY in May :D I am so going to be the cutest boy there- because I'm going as Ianto... the female version :) I'll be the cutest boy, because we're not having blokes at our partAY and I'll be the closest thing to one :D

Bah, I don't like going out on Sundays, but if it's going to Sophie's... MAAAHHH, I think I'll make the exception :) I only saw her Friday, and now I wanna see her again! We is best friends, don't'cha know ;)

Er, before that, the last house I visited was my Grandparents yesterday, sitting on the couch at 5 to 7, whilst I shouted at my dad: "YOU ONLY GOT ME 178 COINS, YOU IDIOT!" (ah, yes, good old Donkey Konga) and then proceeded to run around screaming: "DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIALS ON, STOP WRITING THINGS ON THE CALENDAR!" [Gooood, Doctor who was GOOD last night! I spent 20 minutes of my English Exam going: "What in the world are those helmet-shaped headed blokes in this weeks Doctor Who called..?" I got Sontarans straight away, but then told myself that was WRONG!]

And, nothing to do with this, but just to make myself hyper before getting up, brushing my hair, and exiting to drive to Sophers:

FUCKING DYLAN MORAN- hopefully- ON NOVEMBER 8TH IN DARTFORD... Christ, I so wanna go *kills self horribly*

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