Paranoiaheights (paranoiaheights) wrote,

Slogans for two of your favourite TW team;

Captain Jack:
'Captain Jack - The Appetizer!' [Ho HO!]'

'Better Ingredients, Better Captain Jack.' [Just thought that was rather funny!]

'Come See the Softer Side of Captain Jack.' [M'Okay!]

'Have You Had Your Captain Jack Today?' [*cries* Not yet!]

'Little. Yellow. Different. Ianto.’ [Really?! What have you been DRINKING?!]

Ianto Jones:'Good Ianto Has Danish Written All Over It.' [Oh, I'll get him to take his shirt off to let me look next time!]
'Reach for the Ianto.' [S club song gone badly wrong?]
'All Ianto, All The Time.' [Oh yeah! :D]
'There's Only One Ianto.' [True, and rather arousing!]
'Nothing Acts Faster Than Ianto.' [Being a sudden Janto fangirl, that really made me giggle...]
'The Queen of Ianto.' [You called?!]
'The Ianto Goes Straight to your Head.' [You can say that again!]

Tags: captain jack harkness, ianto jones, slogans, torchwood

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