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'...And some coleslaw, my boss tells me I don't eat enough vegetables';

I'm gettting rather annoyed. The news is, people, I officially cannot draw Ianto. 
Spent an hour and a half trying to draw him last night, and it didn't work. Ended up drawing Yukimaru from Disgaea- that's really NOT Ianto, and not helping.

I want to smudgey-paint that scene from Fragments with Ianto handing Jack coffee outside the front of Torchwood- oh, no, I'm not obsessed- of course.

Although, saying all of this, I'm dying to see how RTD ends this series, if Ianto dies, I'm really not watching Torchwood anymore. I also wanna know how he starts this series of Doctor Who- so fitting, Toichwood ends, DW begins. Cute!

The Peggster, I believe, is now buddies with Ten-inch. They're really sweet together, I mean... really sweet. Like Connor and Abby or Bernard and Fran: really cute :) I love the Peggster, and I really want to know what he's doing next- I'd love to see another film with him and Dylan together, he's not doing that much either. Right, that's decided; a film with Dylan Moran, Simon Pegg(ster) and Gareth-David Lloyd. Well, he has to have something to do when he's not doing Torchwood, right?

:B Gareth has a cute lil' nose, and really striking eyes. I want his eyes, dammit.

Wow, that was weird.

A2A's finished, Torchwood's finished, The Bill's not got that child... rape thing anymore (HEY, it was a good/sad story! With Terry and his past, and Max being all 'BUT I WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S UP WITH TERRY AND THIS CASE!') and now Primeval's gone- all the good telly's just disappeared. Plus, I'm starting to get a bit... iffy... with Doctor Who. I don't know why, I'm the only person in the universe who's looking forward to Catherine Tate coming back into it- I love Catherine Tate- maybe this 'Cyberwoman' watching has given me a desire for Ianto, not The Doctor? 


I just don't like it. I know, kill me now, but I don't *is brick'd*

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