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'You'll be on the barge, trying to find your booty in a haze of gang and t'ing';

Well, I'm just totally bored out of my fucking skull. Seriously.

No one's really on msn (apart from Ashes, but he's clearing up and I don't want to disturb him). Where the hell is everyone?! >C

No one's joined my forum, none of the 15 million people I've emailed have replied (apart from someone who said they couldn't write/think)... I just feel like a total failure. I spent half of my Saturday making that forum- and now no one wants to join. Gee... thanks.

Anyway, pfft- watched Spaced last night, forgotten how much I love it... oh, and I finished watching the 'Best Comedy Characters of Everness' last night... Bern was 19th and Tim was 13th or something. Thought Bern would be higher up, better than Tim anyway, but I think Channel 4 bribed the Peggster, to do the voiceover if they put Tim as 13th (or whatever). Oh, but I do love Si, not saying Tim isn't funny- I just think Bern's funnier. That's all. It's just the Irish, sarcastic, drunkardness. Although, Tim's the blonde, drugged up, graphic artist-ness. Oh, it's so hard to choose.

Oh well, anyway. That's my day today. Although, right now, I have 3 members (not including myself) on the forum. Two of them, however, go to my school. So... oh well. Anyway, if anyone WANTS to join, here's the url:
Tags: black books, bored, depressed, spaced

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