May 13th, 2008

tbbt- the big bang theory 2

A Spherical Chicken In a Vaccum;


It's my birthday tomorrow *yawns*

It's Sophie's birthday next week too, and we're having a joint party this Saturday and NO ONE is coming... you know what, I actually don't care. I mean there are some fucking annoying people I know and half of them said 'Sorry... I can't come... I'm DOING something'... yeah, what ARE you doing, or don't you want to COME altogether.

I'll probably post pictures AT SOME POINT, if I can really be arsed.

In other news, I am loving The Big Bang Theory- Leonard is massive love, and I adore him to pieces. I want to eat him. My friend Emily (not bitch Emily, lovely Emily!) loves it too, I'm Leonard, she's Sheldon (although, she loves Leonard too- we sat in Maths yesterday watching videos of Johnny Galecki and waiting for him to be there! We found him on... some... film, when we was about 14, and CHRIST did he look cute, I nearly cried with the cuteness- then Claire asks 'Is he your new crush' and I was like 'NO!"'- Sorry Leonard, Yantoe is still the one) and we're just totally losers. We played air hockey with two pens and a blue counter. Plus, I'm loving Storm Hawks- it's a cartoon, I know, but it's an AWESOME cartoon dammit!

Chuck- hoorah, loving that. Chuck is just so cute, but I still have to watch last nights!! Dexter- FINALE THIS WEEK! I know what's going to happen after Liz blabbing to me (and after me telling her to...) but I'm looking forward to it all the same!

Anyway, in other news, I'm hoping to get TW series 1 for my b-day, so I can watch it and point and go 'LOOK AND YANTOE'S HAIR, HE HAD FLUFFY HAIR IN SERIES ONE!' Fuck, GDL's hair was scary in series one *laughs pointlessly*