April 19th, 2008




It was yesterday, but I was out- but it's on my msn and has been for the last week :3

David Tennant is my all time crush- and even if I go off of Doctor Who, David Tennant will always be my ultimate fan girl crush. I first saw him in Casanova, after arguing with my friends that he sounded like a good actor ('NO' cried Talie, the DT nut, 'He will not be as good as Christopher Ecclecakes'.) and, so, to prove my point, me and my dad watched all of Casanova in one night and I fall in love. He was the perfect match for Casanova, and I hardly ever see perfect matches with characters! Anyway, then I saw him in Doctor Who and I think I may have sold my soul to him from series 2, to series 4. I've seen him in Taking over the Asylum and some of him in Blackpool among other things, and he is just so talented.
It helps, aswell, that David's a fanboy- he seriously is. He's loved Doctor Who all his life, and he takes pride in his work, is always happy, and loves everything that he does. I can't help but love him an extra amount for that.

So happy birthday my little lost Timelord, and I hope it was good :)


Right, it's decided;

I have to go and see The Oxford Murders. I wanted to see it when they showed a clip on Johnathan Ross, but now I found out that it's got Burn Gorman in it- I doubley need to see it!

Ianto!Bear's clothes came on Thursday, doesn't he look cute?!:

Plus, that book, 'Twilight Streets' came aswell... and I've read it already. Finished it last night as a matter of fact :3 Excellent book and I recommend it to everyone- just go out and read it, it's immense and will make you laugh so much! *has an image of Ianto doing a 'W' with his hands' WHUTEVER, JACK!

I've got exams next week, which I'm not particularly looking forward to- although does anyone look forward to exams? I was, when I thought I could read that book in between them (and when I have an entire day where there's nothing going on) but now I've already read it... I'm not so sure anymore.

Hey, here's some interesting information that I didn't know:

"...Gareth [David-Lloyd] added a wonderful depth to it, when, unseen by Jack, he starts to cry at the end."

"Ianto originally had less lines in Sleeper but James Moran added more because he was so impressed with Gareth David-Lloyd's comic timing"

"Ianto's role in From Out Of The Rain was 'expanded to include some of Gwen's lines' due to the double banked filming, with Eve Myles busy filming Adrift."

Bless his heart, GDL's a comical, brilliant actor :D Like I didn't know that already!

As previously stated, Ianto was originally going to be the character shot in Reset.


*beat whilst father comes in holding Doctor Who Adventures Magazine*

Ooooh, thankyou very much- wow, and posters! Look at the yumminess of the Ten-inch, I'm loving a bit of that! I think Tate and Tennant are going up in my room next to my judgemental Torchwood poster! :D

Yay, I'm just going to stick those up!