*fish mouth*;

Right, that's it... I'M NOT BEING AN ADMIN ANYMORE. I QUIT *throws hat down and stamps on it*

First, The Hub is pretty much DEAD. Our Jack's dead, and everyone else has buggered off. The Condor's probably going to die seeing as half of our role players have said 'hi' once and that's IT. PLUS no one wants to join my friggin BIG BANG THEORY FORUM *cries* I worked EXTRA hard on that one because I am such a big BBT fan... and everyone's said they'd join and then fucked off *groans* I give up...

In other news, did a science GCSE module today, and I'm hoping that it still retains my A grade... I don't want to go down to a B and feel stupid!

Also, there's a great site called and it has all the BBT shirts that the guys wore- Leonard had this great Periodic Table shirt in the episode where he buys the 'minature' time machine, and I'm getting it! Me and my mate Emily decided that we will live together later on in life and buy their friggin shower curtain. That is one of the coolest things in the world, the Periodic Table Shower Curtain! Plus, on the t-shirt side of things, I want to go in on tag day (oh, wait, they've all been cancelled...) and I want everyone to point :D I'm such a geek!

And on another note, I hurt my Nunchuck thumb in between two tables yesterday and it got brusied. Now I can't hold a Nunchuck properly and I am pissed- I mean seriously. I can't operate on people anymore, I tried this morning whilst drying my hair (study leave for the module :D) and I ended up getting to the third patient and then killing him. But, some things never change.

I need TBBT on DVD... apparently I may be able to buy it from America when it comes out- but apparently that's 'late 2008'. WTF?! I want it now. I hate it when people release DVDs after the fade has DIED >C Although, they're bringing out another series- horrah! Oh, I'm really pissed off with myself, I clicked on someone's detailed description of the last epsiode by accident and read 'Leonard asks Penny out on a date and she said yes' so I was like 'Great, that's the ENTIRE fucking series fucked up for me' but then, yesterday was Sophie's birthday and I went home with her. She had music, so I went on the internet (found :)) and looked on Wikipedia because... I wanted to and I was bored... and then I just HAD to go and read the last episode description. Although, I'm not the only one, apparently Emily accidentally watched the Penny/Leonard kiss *grins* THEY'RE SO CUTE- and I normally hate canon pairings (and main characters for that matter!) 

Leonard = LenLen- it's just even cuter.

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Ugh, what a night- my feet are still killing me.

Yes, the party went better than expect, and out of the 60 people we invited, 18 came- well, shows how popular we are, and the only person that I can accept is Talie, as she told me LAST WEEK. Everyone else told me this week, and some told me on Friday. Well, they're going to get an earful on Monday.

In the end, quite a lot of people were dancing, and of course, there were the odd groups here and there who didn't dance until they were forced to, but me, Emily (the other member of the 'Leonard Lovers') and Sophie were dancing all the way through... and I fear my feet will drop off some time soon.

My Ianto outfit came out BRILLIANTLY! I adored it, but I got really hot in it- well, what would you expect in 3 layers, a tie and pinstriped trousers! Anyway, pictures:

Collapse )

So, all in all, a good night!

Plus, I've found some FRIGGIN' good stuff on lj, I have a banner and lil' icons in my blurb *grins* PLUS I'm writing a mini script about an American doctor coming to England- it stars Johnny Galecki, who is LOVE dammit :D Watched TBBT on Friday, that was a bunch of lols, I want the boxset *pouts* 

Going to watch Doctor Who tonight- from all the reviews, it sounds good, so WAHEY :D

I actually bought 'Something in the Water' for Sophie for her birthday (along with a Guy of Gis figure from RH!) because she loves Owen, and it was 3 for some price at amazon and so I got that and the one with Jack running along with those 3 weird men behind him (a normal day for Capt Harkness then!). I've almost got the entire Series 2 collection of books, and I'm Slow Decay at the moment! Not as good as Twilight Streets, but it's still a pretty good book :D
tbbt- the big bang theory 2

A Spherical Chicken In a Vaccum;


It's my birthday tomorrow *yawns*

It's Sophie's birthday next week too, and we're having a joint party this Saturday and NO ONE is coming... you know what, I actually don't care. I mean there are some fucking annoying people I know and half of them said 'Sorry... I can't come... I'm DOING something'... yeah, what ARE you doing, or don't you want to COME altogether.

I'll probably post pictures AT SOME POINT, if I can really be arsed.

In other news, I am loving The Big Bang Theory- Leonard is massive love, and I adore him to pieces. I want to eat him. My friend Emily (not bitch Emily, lovely Emily!) loves it too, I'm Leonard, she's Sheldon (although, she loves Leonard too- we sat in Maths yesterday watching videos of Johnny Galecki and waiting for him to be there! We found him on... some... film, when we was about 14, and CHRIST did he look cute, I nearly cried with the cuteness- then Claire asks 'Is he your new crush' and I was like 'NO!"'- Sorry Leonard, Yantoe is still the one) and we're just totally losers. We played air hockey with two pens and a blue counter. Plus, I'm loving Storm Hawks- it's a cartoon, I know, but it's an AWESOME cartoon dammit!

Chuck- hoorah, loving that. Chuck is just so cute, but I still have to watch last nights!! Dexter- FINALE THIS WEEK! I know what's going to happen after Liz blabbing to me (and after me telling her to...) but I'm looking forward to it all the same!

Anyway, in other news, I'm hoping to get TW series 1 for my b-day, so I can watch it and point and go 'LOOK AND YANTOE'S HAIR, HE HAD FLUFFY HAIR IN SERIES ONE!' Fuck, GDL's hair was scary in series one *laughs pointlessly*

Storm Hawks RPG

I thought I'd stick it up here as I've stuck it up everywhere else!

A new RPG forum from Grace and Mel:


The new age of Internet Roleplaying, with very nice Moderators and tonnes of Terras and places for you to explore :] Come to Atmos, world of a thousand mountain top kingdoms, and see whether your wits are good enough as you put them to the test.

Yeah, it's a flashy advertisement, but we'd really like some members- so far, there's only two, and we're both moderators. We'd love to see if we can get some more people to join, and we're a very friendly couple of role players, and Admins, and any ideas that you might have, we'll definitely take into account.

If you're interested, please either comment on here, or email me at:

Playable Characters:


Master Cyclonis
Dark Ace

Then there's the other minor characters, and if anyone wants to play any of them, then please contact me, or there's the choice of an OC- the choice is up to you :)


The Hub Banner

 Look at my new 'reeling people in for my forum' banner :D

Aw nevermind, it only took me 15 minutes :) I bet it'll reel no one in!

Actually... I'm bored and kind of wanting to finish off this RP and go and play some Zelda. Just... if anyone wants to join, please tell me before going and doing it :) We're in the middle of a 'chapter' lol!

Writer's Block: House Call

Whose house (besides your own) were you in last and why?
In about 1 hour and 10 minutes, the last house I will have visited will be Sophie, to talk about our FUCKING PARTY in May :D I am so going to be the cutest boy there- because I'm going as Ianto... the female version :) I'll be the cutest boy, because we're not having blokes at our partAY and I'll be the closest thing to one :D

Bah, I don't like going out on Sundays, but if it's going to Sophie's... MAAAHHH, I think I'll make the exception :) I only saw her Friday, and now I wanna see her again! We is best friends, don't'cha know ;)

Er, before that, the last house I visited was my Grandparents yesterday, sitting on the couch at 5 to 7, whilst I shouted at my dad: "YOU ONLY GOT ME 178 COINS, YOU IDIOT!" (ah, yes, good old Donkey Konga) and then proceeded to run around screaming: "DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIALS ON, STOP WRITING THINGS ON THE CALENDAR!" [Gooood, Doctor who was GOOD last night! I spent 20 minutes of my English Exam going: "What in the world are those helmet-shaped headed blokes in this weeks Doctor Who called..?" I got Sontarans straight away, but then told myself that was WRONG!]

And, nothing to do with this, but just to make myself hyper before getting up, brushing my hair, and exiting to drive to Sophers:

FUCKING DYLAN MORAN- hopefully- ON NOVEMBER 8TH IN DARTFORD... Christ, I so wanna go *kills self horribly*


Right, it's decided;

I have to go and see The Oxford Murders. I wanted to see it when they showed a clip on Johnathan Ross, but now I found out that it's got Burn Gorman in it- I doubley need to see it!

Ianto!Bear's clothes came on Thursday, doesn't he look cute?!:

Plus, that book, 'Twilight Streets' came aswell... and I've read it already. Finished it last night as a matter of fact :3 Excellent book and I recommend it to everyone- just go out and read it, it's immense and will make you laugh so much! *has an image of Ianto doing a 'W' with his hands' WHUTEVER, JACK!

I've got exams next week, which I'm not particularly looking forward to- although does anyone look forward to exams? I was, when I thought I could read that book in between them (and when I have an entire day where there's nothing going on) but now I've already read it... I'm not so sure anymore.

Hey, here's some interesting information that I didn't know:

"...Gareth [David-Lloyd] added a wonderful depth to it, when, unseen by Jack, he starts to cry at the end."

"Ianto originally had less lines in Sleeper but James Moran added more because he was so impressed with Gareth David-Lloyd's comic timing"

"Ianto's role in From Out Of The Rain was 'expanded to include some of Gwen's lines' due to the double banked filming, with Eve Myles busy filming Adrift."

Bless his heart, GDL's a comical, brilliant actor :D Like I didn't know that already!

As previously stated, Ianto was originally going to be the character shot in Reset.


*beat whilst father comes in holding Doctor Who Adventures Magazine*

Ooooh, thankyou very much- wow, and posters! Look at the yumminess of the Ten-inch, I'm loving a bit of that! I think Tate and Tennant are going up in my room next to my judgemental Torchwood poster! :D

Yay, I'm just going to stick those up!




It was yesterday, but I was out- but it's on my msn and has been for the last week :3

David Tennant is my all time crush- and even if I go off of Doctor Who, David Tennant will always be my ultimate fan girl crush. I first saw him in Casanova, after arguing with my friends that he sounded like a good actor ('NO' cried Talie, the DT nut, 'He will not be as good as Christopher Ecclecakes'.) and, so, to prove my point, me and my dad watched all of Casanova in one night and I fall in love. He was the perfect match for Casanova, and I hardly ever see perfect matches with characters! Anyway, then I saw him in Doctor Who and I think I may have sold my soul to him from series 2, to series 4. I've seen him in Taking over the Asylum and some of him in Blackpool among other things, and he is just so talented.
It helps, aswell, that David's a fanboy- he seriously is. He's loved Doctor Who all his life, and he takes pride in his work, is always happy, and loves everything that he does. I can't help but love him an extra amount for that.

So happy birthday my little lost Timelord, and I hope it was good :)


Ianto!Bear Needs Clothes;


My Ianto!bear needs clothes- I can easily get some shoes, I just need a suit, and apparently Build-A-Bear have stopped doing them, although I may have to go shopping with Sophie to Bluewater and have a look at some point. If not, it's to the material shop in Rochester for me to get some pinstriped material :D I love my Ianto!Bear to pieces!