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30th April 2008 (18:15)

How I feel: tired

 Look at my new 'reeling people in for my forum' banner :D

Aw nevermind, it only took me 15 minutes :) I bet it'll reel no one in!

Actually... I'm bored and kind of wanting to finish off this RP and go and play some Zelda. Just... if anyone wants to join, please tell me before going and doing it :) We're in the middle of a 'chapter' lol!


Posted by: Ko-chan (master_kogane)
Posted at: 14th May 2008 15:31 (UTC)
DW - Rose Union Jack ♥

Consider it done ;D (LOL, it's strange searching for Torchwood stuff when you haven't been in the fandom for awhile XD)

Yes! He was all kill-it-with-fire in Sleeper and now he's such a wuss ): "Yes, OK, my brother killed half of my team and almost more, and yes he probably killed a lot of people on the street, with the weevils and explosions and all, BUT I CAN CONVERT HIM OKAY? HE'LL BE ALL GOOD AND STUFF AND WE'LL ALL SAFE THE WORLD TOGETHER!" :D And then Gwen and Ianto shoot him. The End (And maybe the have a foursome with Andy and Rhys)

Oooh, it's my fault my friends are slash addicts now. I still need to feel bad about that ;D


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