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30th April 2008 (18:15)

How I feel: tired

 Look at my new 'reeling people in for my forum' banner :D

Aw nevermind, it only took me 15 minutes :) I bet it'll reel no one in!

Actually... I'm bored and kind of wanting to finish off this RP and go and play some Zelda. Just... if anyone wants to join, please tell me before going and doing it :) We're in the middle of a 'chapter' lol!


Posted by: Tangles (entangled_now)
Posted at: 30th April 2008 18:07 (UTC)

I really like that, that's such a neat effect....

Posted by: Paranoiaheights (paranoiaheights)
Posted at: 30th April 2008 18:21 (UTC)

Lol, thanks :)

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