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Right, it's decided;

19th April 2008 (11:58)

Where I am: The Rift
How I feel: ecstatic
What I'm listening to: Starry Heavens- Kimeru

I have to go and see The Oxford Murders. I wanted to see it when they showed a clip on Johnathan Ross, but now I found out that it's got Burn Gorman in it- I doubley need to see it!

Ianto!Bear's clothes came on Thursday, doesn't he look cute?!:

Plus, that book, 'Twilight Streets' came aswell... and I've read it already. Finished it last night as a matter of fact :3 Excellent book and I recommend it to everyone- just go out and read it, it's immense and will make you laugh so much! *has an image of Ianto doing a 'W' with his hands' WHUTEVER, JACK!

I've got exams next week, which I'm not particularly looking forward to- although does anyone look forward to exams? I was, when I thought I could read that book in between them (and when I have an entire day where there's nothing going on) but now I've already read it... I'm not so sure anymore.

Hey, here's some interesting information that I didn't know:

"...Gareth [David-Lloyd] added a wonderful depth to it, when, unseen by Jack, he starts to cry at the end."

"Ianto originally had less lines in Sleeper but James Moran added more because he was so impressed with Gareth David-Lloyd's comic timing"

"Ianto's role in From Out Of The Rain was 'expanded to include some of Gwen's lines' due to the double banked filming, with Eve Myles busy filming Adrift."

Bless his heart, GDL's a comical, brilliant actor :D Like I didn't know that already!

As previously stated, Ianto was originally going to be the character shot in Reset.


*beat whilst father comes in holding Doctor Who Adventures Magazine*

Ooooh, thankyou very much- wow, and posters! Look at the yumminess of the Ten-inch, I'm loving a bit of that! I think Tate and Tennant are going up in my room next to my judgemental Torchwood poster! :D

Yay, I'm just going to stick those up!


Posted by: monkeyqueentart (monkeyqueentart)
Posted at: 19th April 2008 13:14 (UTC)
Jack and Ianto 2

I still haven't received my copy of "Twilight Streets", damnit.
Nor have I received TW Mag #3!

I'm glad GDL is getting some props.
SWA tomorrow!!!!! Anyone going?

Posted by: Paranoiaheights (paranoiaheights)
Posted at: 19th April 2008 13:21 (UTC)

:D Thankyou very much! <3
Seriously?! Oh, it's the best book ever >C
I haven't got any of the TW magazines, but I need to get them! D<

SWA?! *dies*

Posted by: monkeyqueentart (monkeyqueentart)
Posted at: 19th April 2008 13:34 (UTC)
Jack and Ianto 2

I've only read "Another Life" (just for Jack/Ianto mentions *blushes*). Damn me for living on the wrong continent!

You going to SWA? The Rift?

Posted by: Paranoiaheights (paranoiaheights)
Posted at: 19th April 2008 14:17 (UTC)

Argh, that sucks majorly- I have only read Twilight Streets, and I only bought that because the cover was lickable :3

Ooooh, no, I heard about that, but I didn't tell anyone about it- what's actually going on?!

Posted by: monkeyqueentart (monkeyqueentart)
Posted at: 19th April 2008 14:26 (UTC)


(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Paranoiaheights (paranoiaheights)
Posted at: 19th April 2008 14:18 (UTC)

:3 Thankies!

Haha, neither could I- but the annoying fact was, I had to go swimming yesterday. I was in the car reading it and making myself feel sick, I just needed to know whether Ianto/Tosh/Gwen were okay!

I think I nearly died at the end when... ARGH... spoilers for everyone else, but when that clown turned around and it was Ianto! I shouted out 'NO, NOT IANTO, BRING HIM BACK!' and my parents gave me funny looks :3

D; I fear I may have died too!

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Paranoiaheights (paranoiaheights)
Posted at: 20th April 2008 10:23 (UTC)


Haha, I nearly did! When I read about Ianto getting shot, and all the gory details I couldn't read it anymore I had tears in my eyes (I love my Ianto, I do!) and then with Jack and Ianto's blood and... ho'ho, that was a very emotional book!

Ahhh, I don't think I could've watched TW again! I mean, bad enough with this ending (I cried my eyes out!) but if Ianto-bear had died, I may have gone just a LITTLE crazy ;D

Posted by: Cordelia Delayne (cordeliadelayne)
Posted at: 19th April 2008 20:40 (UTC)

Aw, cute bear :D

And I didn't realise Burn was in The Oxford Murders. I'm definitely going to make sure I see it now.

Posted by: Paranoiaheights (paranoiaheights)
Posted at: 20th April 2008 10:21 (UTC)

Thankyou very much <3

:D I only just found out that he was in it, and I'm going to force myself to see it now!

Posted by: H. Day (vampyran)
Posted at: 21st April 2008 23:56 (UTC)

Hi saw you added me... hope you didn't a long time ago :P Didn't notice until today heh...

But where is that bit about Gareth crying from?

Posted by: Paranoiaheights (paranoiaheights)
Posted at: 22nd April 2008 17:36 (UTC)

:D I'm not really sure- I don't think it was that long ago :D Anyway, hello!!

Ah, it was from Fragments (poor old Ianto!) Just after they had the battle with Myfanwy, Gareth leans against the door and cries (although I didn't spot it!)

Posted by: H. Day (vampyran)
Posted at: 22nd April 2008 17:40 (UTC)
Torchwood - Ianto Blood

Huh.. I only remember when he slipped out a sob when he was walking away from Jack.. Have to watch it again obviously.. :P

Posted by: Paranoiaheights (paranoiaheights)
Posted at: 22nd April 2008 17:47 (UTC)

:) Same! I didn't even realise anything! I remember the Dark Chocolate bit (that was so cute <3) and the part where Jack relocated his shoulder (ouchies painful) but the rest of it's... sort of a bit hazey *rolls eyes* Oh dear!

Posted by: Ko-chan (master_kogane)
Posted at: 22nd April 2008 17:48 (UTC)

OMG I love your Ianto-bear <3

And- and that book cover! I already know that my dreams will be haunted by the clown!Ianto which may pt may not be entirely negative

Good luck with your exams :3

Posted by: Paranoiaheights (paranoiaheights)
Posted at: 22nd April 2008 17:54 (UTC)

:D Thankies! <3 He comes to bed with me- I hug him of a night! (may or may NOT be dodgey there...)

Haha, it's terrifying! I've got the book next to me right now *shudders* Reading it's even scarier! Although, I was bored during my exams yesterday (and I'd just read it for the second time) and looked down, and there was a comforting image of GDL to look at for half an hour :)

Thankies *dies a little* Ha-ha... they're not going to well so far ;)

Posted by: Ko-chan (master_kogane)
Posted at: 22nd April 2008 18:55 (UTC)

*giggles* I'm sure Ianto-bear does not mind you sleeping with him... in a bed *nudge nudge*

It looks interesting, even more so if the old guy in the background is who I think he is!

GDL is distracting you from your exams, and you don't mind! :D

Oooooh D: My friends are currently writing their exams as well... what have you written so far?

Posted by: Paranoiaheights (paranoiaheights)
Posted at: 24th April 2008 16:08 (UTC)

:D I hope so! *laughs*

Ooooh, I think he is who you think he is- he's BRILLIANTLY written in that book!

Ofcourse not ;) Would you mind?! :D

Um, well, History/Maths Paper 1/Statistics/RS/English/History 2/German Listening/German Reading/German Writing, and then on Monday I have Maths Paper 2! :D

Posted by: Ko-chan (master_kogane)
Posted at: 24th April 2008 17:35 (UTC)

Germany doesn't even have the series, let alone the books ;.;

I don't think so! ;D

So much German? Oh my, German is difficult enough when you are German, I don't want to know what you have to do in these exams D: *scared* Yay, Maths Paper...! *hugs*

Posted by: Paranoiaheights (paranoiaheights)
Posted at: 24th April 2008 17:54 (UTC)

You're German?! How come I didn't know that *is confused* But that really sucks >C

Haha, of COURSE not :D

Oooh, goodness, it is hard! I'd say I hate DOING German- but it is so much easier for me than French or LATIN! We have to answer questions about... food and... Sommerferien and... stuff D: It's not as hard as you might think- but I have been doing German for 3 years, so I've gotten used to it!

Posted by: Ko-chan (master_kogane)
Posted at: 24th April 2008 18:28 (UTC)

Heh, I was hiding my Truw Nature until not so long ago :o
Yeah, german TV is a sad, sad thing for most of the part :/

I could never get a hang on French, Spanish was slightly better, and I didn't even try with Latin! XD Wow, three years? That's cool (at least to me)! Now you know who you can ask if you have a question regarding German, LOL ;D

Posted by: Paranoiaheights (paranoiaheights)
Posted at: 24th April 2008 18:35 (UTC)

*laughs* See, I'm not very observant *headdesK*
D: Naw, I'd like to see German TV- see if I could ACTUALLY understand any of it (most of my German writing was a language that I made up... there were a lot of 'auch's and 'aber's in there, with NOTHING to follow up. Ich fine Mathe gut, weil das Wetter in Sudostenglan oft Schone ist... that's what I kept saying in my orals, although I probably spelt a whole load of words wrong!)

Haha, same ;) Never did Spanish (was only introduced into our school this year!) and ugggh... I hated Latin *shudders* the only thing I learnt was 'Deus' which means God! I'm not even religious! D: Hey, thanks a bunch!

Posted by: Ko-chan (master_kogane)
Posted at: 24th April 2008 18:49 (UTC)

LOL, it's ok, 4realz :D

Maybe they have something on YouTube that you can test your Mad German Skillz on? :D
LOL, auch and aber are very nice filler words~
Heh, not bad! I can only imagine how hard leanring German must be, because seriously, it's a difficult language and the grammar rules suck! D:

Spanish is pretty new here too, and Latin is completely optional, thank god >.>

Glad to be of help :D

Posted by: Paranoiaheights (paranoiaheights)
Posted at: 24th April 2008 18:58 (UTC)


Oooh, perhaps! Lol, actually, German was really easy in the beginning- easier than English was, and I'm English! Just because loads of German words are so similar to English ones :D But sometimes I can seriously get muddled up with tenses/word order D: It's so confusing- and my German teacher is NO help, haha!

Ahhh, I'm so glad I don't have to do either of them (I did Latin, but it was so BORING I just HAD to drop it, it was even more confusing than German/French!)


Posted by: Ko-chan (master_kogane)
Posted at: 24th April 2008 19:13 (UTC)

I hated English in the beginning too and then came fandom, and wooza, best grades, LOL. Yeah, German and it's past tenses, present tenses and so on are a real pain. D: I had a bad English teacher, lol, seems an universal thing D:

My friend showed me her Latin vocabulary book, and I ran away D:

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